the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 63/81


You --
do without working
work without doing
find flavor in water
make the small big
the few into many
turn the other cheek
reward bad actions with good
mold the hard while it is still soft
create the great while it is still small.

Wise person --
deal with the microcosm,
never the macrocosm,
the individual not the group,
and thus succeed.
Little commitment creates little faith
and many easy little things create one big difficult thing.

The wise person knows how to make
the simple
and by knowing this
avoids complications.

Atheism is the liminal point between theism and anti-theism, and between belief and disbelief. Atheism is the boundary between opposing religious ideas. It is a no-man's land, la frontera as in Spain during the Christian Reconquest of the land from the Arabs. On each side there is hostility, and here in the boundary lands these hostilities are sometimes played out, but rarely do the players cross all the way into the other's land to skirmish. Here there is an eerie quiet, an after-glow, charged air, no rules. Few people are able to live here, few are able to survive the gravitational pulls of the opposing masses drawing them towards both sides, beseeching their special loyalty.
But the few stay, with no allegiance to either side. This is atheism.

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