the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 62/81


Atheism, like a fireplace,
offers warmth in the cold
to the good and bad person alike.

Arguing for or against god is a profitable business
charismatic speakers and serious writers are well respected
even bad people buy their books and attend their talks.

for your brother's wedding or sister's graduation
instead of offering money or a vcr
and send your reflections on the way.

About the way the elders of the past have said
Seek, and you will find
Apologize, and you will be

These are benefits of the way
better than anything else.

Brer Rabbit is a model of an anti-theist (an atheist nonetheless) who has to have a response from his protagonist in order to validate himself. He will make nasty remarks, hit an d kick to antagonize the Other into responding. This has become a standard practice among many American atheists and humanists who never hesitate to bash Christians and Jews and Muslims and Moonies and Hindus for their silly beliefs. Anti-theists' demeaning comments, made in the privacy of their own literature and discussions, join them together in despising a common enemy. This is atheism fueled from personal passions, wishing to negate the evils done by organized religion by negating any value in religion itself. Two of its positive contributions are the warrior role it takes on in defending atheists rights, especially in America, and its strong support for the separation of church and state, an issue that is also defended by many Christians and Jews.

Brer Rabbit needs -- a person who wouldn't and couldn't take silence for an answer, and had to keep beating up on the dumb Tar Baby until he himself was completely stuck to the Tar Baby and covered with tar.
And Brer Fox, he just laugh.

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