the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 64/81


Silence is easy to break
future is easy to plan
gentle is easy to hurt
tiny is easy to lose

Look ahead, see forms before they become things
deal with them before they become
set them in order before they collide
the sequoia began as small as a bean sprout
the skyscraper began as a hole in the earth
the longest trip begins with the first step.

Act, and you hurt
grab, and it slips away
own, and it is stolen
believe, and it is shown false.
The wise
do not act, and nothing is hurt
do not grab, and nothing slips
do not own, and nothing is lost
do not believe, and nothing is false

Others fall short right before their long-awaited success.
The end is as important as the beginning,
thus the wise person
wants only the unwanted;
values the common, not the scarce;
teaches the things that others don't;
returns others to the past they left behind,
such that everything is valued for itself by itself
all done by not doing.

Atheism is the horizon of religion.
People look and say, "There's nothing else beyond my horizon," or "I wonder what's on the other side of this horizon."
Atheism is those horizons.

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