Cleveland (OH) Gazette 8 July 1893
Mrs. Blount Sues Chattanooga Over
Her Husbands Lynching

Mrs. Blount, the widow of the late Alfred Blount, who was brutally lynched in Chattanooga, Tenn., February 9, 1893, has entered suit against the sheriff and his securities of that city for allowing her husband to be mobbed and killed. He is the second Afro-American that has been lynched in Chattanooga, and was charged with assault upon a white woman who could not identify him as the culprit. There is also ample proof of his innocence. He was hung and then literally cut and shot to pieces. Before he was hung he was treated in a most brutal manner. It was certainly one of the most horrible crimes on record. This legal step of Mrs. Blount and her counsels is an attempt to establish a precedent which will go far towards putting a stop to so much lynching in the south and should receive the most hearty cooperation and support of all law-abiding persons. Mrs. Blount is a poor widow, and in order that the case may be carried to success, means are required. A hard fight will be made to bring the guilty parties to justice. The case will come up for trial in September. All money should be sent to the New York Age, No. 4 Cedar street, New York City. The Gazette urges all members of the race who are interested in its welfare, to aid the movement all they can.

Cleveland Gazette 8 July 1893
volume 10, issue 48, page 2
The African-American Experience in Ohio 1850-1920
The Ohio Historical Society, Columbus OH

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