the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 59/81


No person has power to lead others or to serve the world
unless one has a store of energy.
Storing energy is done through breathing
breathing is done through meditation
and your power cannot be overcome.

If your power cannot be overcome
it is boundless
Only what is boundless
is large enough to understand the full dimensions of reality.
Only what is rooted deep within the earth
can keep the understanding of the full dimensions of reality.
Being rooted deep in the earth takes letting go,
living long necessitates long meditation.

The second is Thomas, the follower of Jesus, said to be the twin brother of Jesus in the gnostic gospel, a doubter, a skeptic, a man who wouldn't -- who couldn't -- believe until physical proof was presented. Thomas represents the person who wants to believe ("Help thou my unbelief") but needs the primal experience on which to anchor his belief. No inference, no reasoning, no authoritative testimony, no leap of faith will suffice

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