the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 58/81


When politicians look depressed and inactive
people are satisfied and happy.
When politicians look happy and active
people are dissatisfied and depressed.

Bad times come after good times, good times after bad.

Few have found it, but there is a creek that runs
neither hot nor cold, good nor bad, right nor wrong.

For every straight there are two crookeds,
for every good two bads
what is the purpose of choosing one over the other?
who can make the necessary corrections?

Wise person
reach the end without resorting to means
shape without cutting
mold without pressure
straighten without pulling
illumine without shining.

Every experience has an effect upon society.
From experience beliefs are generated
from beliefs actions come.
Experience and beliefs generate action.

Action and inaction are political, especially in the realm of religion and spirituality. Whenever oppression occurs and religious groups are silent, spiritual values have decayed beyond salvation.

Many atheists in North America dismiss organized religion with the accusation that religion has killed more people in history than wars. One sunday morning a guest rabbi was asked by an arch-humanist at a humanist church, "shouldn't people be encouraged to give up theistic belief since it has caused more wars and suffering than anything else in human history?" She responded that it was her understanding that the greatest evils in the twentieth century -- a period in which god-belief was a personal and national choice -- were directly caused by humanists and anti-theists of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Six million dead Jews, ten million dead Ukrainians, their blood on the hands of organized atheistic humanism.

The god-fearing and the god-less are both human, both have faults, and both have good qualities. Neither is better than the other for being more or less organized, or for having controlled more or less of the world.
Give up trying to decide
which one is morally better than the other,
for neither is.

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