the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 35/81


The person who follows the way
is invisible to others.
The earth is at one, quiet and peaceful.

Music, good smells, flashing lights
make people curious and want to stop.
Dao, though, is silent, tasteless,
and quite boring to the traveler.

Nothing to see, nothing to hear,
nothing to read, ...
just a tiny pool of water
on the prairie
always there
doing nothing.

People ask, "Why hold onto such a negative word as atheism?"
To many, "non-theist" and "agnostic" are better words because they do not carry the connotation of historical antagonism between atheism and theism.
Words can change their meanings over time. Today "bad" can mean "good," being "gay" is something that many heterosexuals fear, political lies are perceived and reported as truth, ...
No, there is no better name for atheism than atheism. It says what it means -- "no-god" -- and in its simplicity is open to a multitude of varying definitions.
The word atheism is only negative for those who believe that atheism is negative. Like the words pagan, queer, and black, while some people may use them to disparage, their appropriateness to a group of people will not be denied and will be owned willingly.

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