three Old Hixson cemeteries

Old Hixson Cemetery 1 - Tim Stowell
"Hixson Cemetery (OLD) /
This cemetery is located on the outskirts of Hixson, Tenn about twelve miles north of Chattanooga. The land for the cemetery was given by Ephriam Hixson who was buried there in 1855, his being the oldest marked grave. However there are unmarked graves, said to be those of Indians that are much older."

Old Hixson Cemetery 2 - Susan Kendall
"Old Hixson Cemetery
Located in the Hixson area of Chattanooga. Take Hixson Pike to Thrasher Pike then to the Pine Ridge Subdivision (there are no subdivision signs but the entrance is almost across from Crabtree Road). Turn onto Lisa Lynn Dr., then left on to Old Hixson Cemetery Road. The cemetery is on the right between houses in the middle of this subdivision. It is small, fenced in, and the gates are locked. Surveyed by Susan Kendall in 2000."

Old Hixson Cemetery 3 - tom kunesh tom kunesh
The data i collected from the tombstones around the table tomb (below) are not in either of the two "Old Hixson Cemetery"s entries above, therefore i deduce that there are actually -3- Old Hixson cemeteries that should be recorded. Here's a map of the cemetery i visited and which appears to be unrecorded.

clickable map to

Old Hixson Cemetery 3
sign on cemetery fence (not locked) :

Hixson Cemetery
Donated by the children of Ephraim and Margaret Hixson August 15, 1885

across the street from
Hixson United Methodist Church, established 1833
5301 Old Hixson Pike
(church doors face east; cemetery across the street (east), east-west.)

5-piece stone box tomb:
	Dau of T L & M Holcomb
	Born Oct 1, 1900
	Died Apr 11, 1901
	Budded on earth
	to bloom in heaven.

family (north side):

	Daughter of T L & M Holcomb
	born Jan. 8, 1894  Died June 5, 1918

	Margaret Holcomb Oct. 7, 1859 - Jan. 8, 1938
	T. L. Holcomb July 27, 1857 - Aug. 4, 1908

nearby stones

John H. April 12, 1868 - Nov. 3, 1954
Esther A. Feb. 7, 1871? - Sept. 28, 1948

Nettie Mae
Nettie Hixson, wife of Frank Vandergriff Oct. 11, 1901 - Apr. 30, 1924
Frank E. Vandergriff, Aug. 31, 1901? - Aug. 27, 1980

Perry W. July 23, 1861 - Jan. 15, 1948
Maggie H. Sept. 3, 1875 - Feb. 7, 1943

Murrel April 24, 1893 - June 9, 1970
Allie Hixson Sept. 4, 1895 - Dec. 8, 1958

- just a guy who's looking for more examples of box tombs in the southeast Tennessee,
north Georgia, south North Carolina, and northwest Alabama area. - tpkunesh