the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 54/81


What is well planted cannot be pulled up
what is well held cannot slip away
a good family will live on for generations.

Follow the way and free yourself of the meaningless
follow it in your home and prosper
follow it in your town and be secure
follow it in your nation and flourish
follow it in the world and expand your horizons.

Within you is the basis for the perfect home
in your own home is the basis for the perfect town
in your town is the basis for perfect nation
in your nation is the basis for perfect world
in our own world is the basis for the perfect universe.

How do I know all this?
By what is inside me.

But an atheist can be a christian in a much deeper sense, too.

Every religion is composed of bits and pieces of stories, mysteries, explanations, heroes and heroines, ways to live best, commandments that shouldn't be broken, words that should be said, ...
These are the elements of religion: myth, supernatural events, deities and prophets, social rules, ... fictional stories of fact, and factual stories of fiction. Most people see individual religions as monolith s: one big massive block of solid stone that cannot and must not be broken into smaller parts for fear of losing its essence.
Some atheists also believe that theisms and polytheisms and other religions are solid blocks of metaphysicalities that rise and fall on the strength of their internal logic and supporting evidence.
But religions can also be seen as complexes composed of distinct elements, accretions of spiritual and social materials that can be separated and recombined to create variants on the main theme. In such a way, theistic belief or experience can be removed from any religion to create an atheist version of the "faith."
Christianity does not have to rise or fall on the fact or the fiction of Jesus' resurrection from the dead.

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