the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 52/81


We attribute the creation of many things to a
and so we imagine a beginner of all creation
and call it god or Dao or the Big Bang.
Knowing the origin we know the children.
Knowing the children we understand the origin better.
Knowing the one we know the many
knowing the many we know the one better.

Close your eyes, shut your doors,
and you will live forever.
Turn on the tv, become involved, get busy,
and you become vulnerable to everything.

Seeing small things clearly is good vision;
holding on to weak things is strength.
Seeing the outer light yet being able to return to the inner light
seeing the many and being able to return to the one
a person survives.
This is called


The first archetypal atheist is Socrates -- the original wise man of Athens, a thinker, a questioner, a wonderer, a gad-fly to the authorities, a theist by all other accounts except for his indictment on charges of not believing in the gods that the State promoted. Socrates, for his radical thinking and questioning, was found guilty of atheism and assassinated by the state as the only way to keep him quiet. Socrates exemplifies the outsider whose criticism and social alienation -- his subversion of the god/s of State -- can only be answered by the State with elimination. Jesus was this type of atheist, too.

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