the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 43/81


The softest
overcomes the hardest.
Having no form to maintain
it can go where there is no space.
Water wears down and splits rock with no intention
this is how I know the value of action that has no motivation.

Yet few people understand the value of
teaching without words
relationship without promise
being without doing
religion without god.

A shaman is a religious artist, practicing the oldest religion.
A shaman is a person who learns about the balances of nature and of the balances and imbalances of people within nature.
A shaman knows where things are, their places, their names.
A shaman is a servant to the people who are out of balance.

A shaman atheist plays in the fields of all religion, practicing the primal experience, and challenging all god-comers.
S/he studies gods and goddesses and atheisms in all their varied shapes and forms around the world.
S/he learns about the natural balances between theism and anti-theism, between belief and unbelief, between experience and non-experience, between deity and human.
S/he learns about the causes and effects of spiritual imbalances among atheists, how to find them, how to name them, and how to set things in balance again.
A shaman atheist serves atheists out of religious balance.

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