the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 32/81


The Dao is eternal yet has no definition.
Such a minor concept of no great religion,
it is yet larger than everything put together.
If politicians and priests were able to use it
all beings and things would naturally obey,
the earth would heal,
and prosperity would cover the world.
Without laws there would be peace.

But as soon as a distinction is made,
wondering if it is atheist or theist,
and names given to every type of thing and idea,
definitions come in.
As soon as there are definitions ...
Knowing that enough is enough prevents trouble.
Like the river to the sea,
everything will come
to the person who is in unison with the Dao.

How we want to know!
This is the information age.
Knowledge is power.
Education is money in the bank.
Success is a housemate, a child and pet to train,
a good job, a nice car, a nice house, insurance, an annual vacation, safe retirement,
that all comes from knowledge.
Success is a growing economy,
building more houses, growing suburbs and malls,
more jobs, higher stock exchange, health and unemployment insurances,
leisure time, social and military security, international respect,
that all comes from knowledge.

Knowledge creates a secure life.
Security become a god.

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