the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 30/81


If you talk with others about the ways of the dao or atheism
advise them not to use force in action or word
because force returns upon its user
and creates resistance.
Where force is used
to convince or control,
nothing will grow.
Great campaigns against an enemy belief
bring years of animosity and withdrawal.

Do what you must, then withdraw.
Succeed, but do not revel in the results.
Keep your commitments, but do not boast about it.
Accomplish your objective, and be satisfied.
Do what you must, but only because it is the next step
that must be taken to keep from falling.
Without violence, without pride,
nature's way.

Remember that entropy begins
at the moment of accomplishment.
What is not natural will soon perish.

There are another two kinds of atheist --
the ignorant and the smart.
The ignorant has no experience of god/dess
and simply is
an atheist.
The smart one reasons that god/dess is a false idea
and argues

Two different epistemologies
two different ways of knowing
experience and reason.

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