the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 16/81


Sit next to the void
become empty
quiet and still
at peace.

Years go by
you contemplate your return.
You see the years,
they shrink and return.
Everything returns to its origin.
This return to origin is called stillness;
stillness is called accepting the natural laws of the universe.
Accepting the way of the universe
is enlightenment.

Not to know the nature of the universe is to wander aimlessly.
Knowing, one has room for everyone and everything.
Having room for all, one is without prejudice.
Without prejudice, one can be a leader.
To lead is to be of the earth.
To be of the earth is to be one with nature.

Being one with nature
is to be transformed.
Though the body falls
nothing is destroyed.

Persons attempt to convert other persons from theism to atheism, from atheism to theism. Who can be turned from true experience to mere belief in something else?
Conversion is not the way of the atheist or theist.
Rational arguments, emotional pleas, and family genes
cannot create experience.
True atheism will turn each person to the full acceptance of their own innate experience.
It may mean deepening the experience of god, or deepening the experience of no-god.

Live in your own home.

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