the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 6/81


human spirit
never dies
it is the eternal mystery.

The forces
of the earth
and the universe
are the doorway
to the mysterious.

It is here
within us

Use it
it will never run dry.

Finding contradictions in the Bible, understanding the human desire to project the father image onto the god image in psychology or onto the image of society in sociology, criticizing the power of religious institutions to lead their followers into a laconic stupor to evade reality: all of these criticisms work to go from theism to atheism.
They give the newly converted atheist weapons with which to fight the hordes of theists, and supplies tools by which to construct a shaky shelter after leaving the camp of the theists. But none of these critiques speak to the experience of atheism itself. They point away from theism, but where then? For many atheists, the ultimate refuge is science -- a better construct with more solid footing. Still, it too must confront the mystery of the meaning of the universe and is dumb.

The dialectic begins with that already existing -- the thesis, which generates its own opposite and antagonist -- the antithesis. Out of the opposition of these two elements is born a third, an amalgam of the prior two -- the synthesis.

Theism is the existing thesis and anti-theism the antithesis. Atheism is the synthesis, the tertium quid -- a thirdway.

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